The following rules shall be observed by members for introducing guests:

  • Individuals who are unlikely to meet the criteria for becoming members of the club as per Article 5 of the club shall not be introduced as guests by any member.
  • Introducing member shall be responsible for entering the names and address of the guests with his own name in the Guest register/Visitors Book kept with the reception/Assistant Secretary. The entry of outstation guest will be restricted to a maximum of seven days in any calendar month.
  • A member can introduce only four accompanied guests in the month of June and six accompanied/unaccompanied guests rest of the year.
  • Accompanied guests charges will be levied @ Rs 60/- (plus GST) per guest and for children above 12 years of age.
  • Members who are introducing the unaccompanied guests will brief the guests about the rules and regulations of the Club. If unaccompanied guests do not adhere to the rules and regulations of the Club, then action will be taken against the introducing member, as considered appropriate by the Executive Committee.

All members and dependents shall be required to obtain the Club identify card (smart card) and produce it for verification whenever asked by receptionist, club office staff or while signing the members register or signing credit memo/chits.